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Reverse Logistics - Inter Cell

Reverse Logistics 

Reverse Logistics

Our company purchase products directly from the distributor and then utilize our expertise in reverse logistics to adequately prepare them for resale.

Once we are satisfied that your goods are set to be redistributed, we will utilize our global network of distributors to expeditiously resell your products so that you do not experience any disruption in your global market strategies.

  • Our company will recover your equipment from your distribution facilities and will transport it to its required destination
  • All equipment is aggregated and delivered to our facilities so that it can be optimized for redistribution
  • Serialize – Each device is assigned a dedicated serial number such that it can be precisely tracked throughout the recovery process
  • Data sanitization under secured monitored room
  • Sort – All items are sorted and organized based on condition
  • Test – Each piece of equipment undergoes comprehensive testing to ensure functionality
  • Grade – Each item receives a final grade (based on condition) and is then prepped for resale
  • Update – Each item is recalibrated and receives updated software according to the custom specifications provided by the client
  • Fullkit – All units that are pre owned and functional or new are repackaged for redistribution
  • Finish Goods – Our company maintains a robust inventory of thousands of products in a variety of different conditions
  • Quality Control – Each piece of equipment that is redistributed undergoes meticulous quality control and is covered by our limited warranty should any damage occur in transport
  • Ship –  We will pack and ship orders the same day and we ensure expedited deliveries on all of our shipments.