Operating since 2000 Focus in Wireless Distribution

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Precise Grading

We use a comprehensive grading scale to ensure that our clients know the precise condition of the phone that they are purchasing.

Reverse Logistics

 Our company will purchase your products directly from the distributor and then utilize our expertise in reverse logistics to adequately prepare them for resale.

Asset Recovery

We specialize in the recovery of assets from around the world so that you can optimize their value and profit off of their resale.

Global Distribution

Our relationships with our expansive network of carriers and distributors allow us to move products seamlessly to every corner of the world.

Abous Us

We carry a wide array of pre-owned, certified pre-owned and brand new products that we can disseminate around the world through our robust network of distributors and carriers.

We are 100% committed to our customers, and will do everything to ensure their complete satisfaction during every stage of the distribution or recovery process.


Company, InterCell

We have an expansive network of distributors and vendors to ensure quick transaction turnaround

Our comprehensive Reverse brocess ensures prompt recovery and resale of used products

We specialize in the global distribution and recovery of a wide range of technology products

Certified Company

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