Grading Definitions & Grades 

  • We pride ourselves in our ability to accurately grade products so that they can be disseminated appropriately to the correct vendor. 
  • We use a comprehensive grading scale to ensure that our clients know the precise condition of the phone that they are purchasing.  Our grading scale is as follows:

Precise Grading Condition

Clean IMEI Check

45 Points Functional Test

“A” Stock, Like New

  • Like New
  • No dents
  • No scuffs
  • No scratches on screen or housing (front, sides or back)

The handset itself is new, it may come with its box which may have been opened to test the handset. The box is in excellent like new condition.

“AB” Stock, Very Good

  • No dents
  • No cracks anywhere on phone 
  • Very light scratches/scuffing on the back housing
  • Scuffing around edges/near LCD bezel acceptable if no other scratches present 
  • No excessive dirt or signs of water damage in interior surface (back housing)
  • 5 or less light scratches on the screen (doesn’t effect screen visibility at all)

A used device which is in excellent cosmetic condition, with none to very light marks on the phone.

“B” Stock, Good

  • Maximum of 2 dents/ damaged corners on housing 
  • Light to Medium scuffing on side/rear housing acceptable
  • No more than 10 defects, no cracks, no deep scratches on (primary surface) 
  • Maximum of 10 light/small scratches on screen (primary surface) with screen on or off  

A used device which is in good cosmetic condition, with light scratches or marks usually due to wear and tear.

“C” Stock, Rough

  • 1 Hair line crack on housing (i.e. stress fracture)
  • Deep scratch(es) on screen (primary display)
  • 15 light/small scratches (impedes screen visibility) (primary display)
  • Front Housing no cracks, (scratches and dents acceptable on front housing) 
  • Heavy scuffing/scratching on rear housing (back housing)
  • 2 or more heavily dented/damaged corners (left, right, lower, and back sides of housing) 

A used device which is in fair cosmetic condition, with marks, or distinctive scratches from use, but doesn’t effect the phone use functionality.

“D” Stock, Heavy Damage

Heavy wear and tear with cracked glass 

  • Chips, cracks and shattered front glass is allowed but no lcd damage

  • Unlimited scuffs, scratches and chips/ dents on back cover and housing
  • Missing parts, non-working buttons & non-functioning display allowed
  • Consumer data must be cleared 
  • Liquid Contact Indicator(s) can be tripped

A used device which is cracked, and may effect the phone use. Parts may be missing and device may have liquid damage.


Scrap or Safety Hazard

  • Device doesn’t power up
  • Consumer data can’t be cleared 
  • Internal Battery damaged – Safety Hazard 
  • Bent board/ device 
  • Liquid Contact Indicator(s) can be tripped

A used device which is damaged to a point which will effect the phone use. Parts may be missing and device may have liquid damage, device is not operable.